Catering for hospitals

We will provide high quality nutrition to your hospital patients by delivering healthy meals that are part of a balanced diet. We will also provide a standalone IT platform called IMFOOD that will automate the process of ordering meals, submitting adjustments, and controlling menus. You’ll get access to a customer dashboard where you can analyse and control the costs associated with your nutritional service on an ongoing basis. 

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What does catering for hospitals entail?

Hospital management requires efficient spending of funds allocated to nutrition. The IMFOOD system allows for ongoing control and constant analysis of costs apportioned to nutrition in the hospital. Collected data and reports generated in the IMFOOD digital platform facilitate the work of dietitians and your management team. At the same time, we significantly improve the organization of hospital catering, thanks to automated processes, such as ordering meals or submitting adjustments.
The IT IMFOOD platform also monitors sanitary risks in the nutrition process, supporting the ISO 22000 and HACCP systems. Automatic threat alerts increase the speed and flexibility of corrective or maintenance processes.
In addition, IMFOOD introduces state-of-the-art equipment and a modern way to distribute meals. Carts that deliver healthy meals to patients provide ergonomic technical solutions with latest designs and make hospital meals more interesting. The platform also offers e-learning courses for the staff in the field of HACCP, GHP, GMP.

High-quality healthy meals

supplementing and supporting the treatment process

Monitoring of sanitary hazards

and a knowledge base for staff

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